Best Betting Strategy Guide

Best Betting Strategy Guide ? Very important intro


This is the first article in series of articles we have made or will make in order to help you win more money in betting on sports. In this Best Betting Strategy Guide ? Intro article we will present to you why is it important to have a good strategy, why you have to mix up other types of bets with your strategy, why is the choice of bookmaker the most important thing, what are all strategies based on and give you some additional intro advice about strategies. We are sure that after reading this article, you will be encouraged to try using one of the strategies proposed or try to develop your own. Once you do that, you WILL MAKE MONEY from betting. So, lets kick off.

 Why is it important to have a good strategy?

 There are several reason for it. The most important one is that you will reduce a number of bets made on random matches. This lack of discipline is the worst enemy to making a profit in sports betting. Did this ever happen to you: You are bored and just want to place some bets. You often look at live section or sportsbook and you see Random Team A playing against Random Team B and you placed a bet on Random Team A just because they are favorites with odds 1.8. And, in this moment, you didn't even know who is Random Team A. I think this happened to everybody and in lots of cases Random Team A lost the match.


To have a good strategy means that you will bet on what you know. This also means that you will exactly know why you are betting particularly on this selection ( because there is an error in odds or high probability of winning). Most importantly, you will be disciplined in your bets and stop wasting money you have on nonsense bets.


Why you have to mix up other types of bets with your strategy?


When you choose your strategy which will be based on best strategy we will present to you and start winning some bets you will have to start mixing up some other types of bets. This is because when bookmaker realizes that you have a strategy that is winning, they will try to limit you in some way or even disable you completely from using sports betting by putting your maximum stake to 1 EUR. Often guys are furious when some bookmaker limits them or disable their account and go badmouthing them over the internet. But, bookmakers are not charity organizations that give away the money so easily, therefore we must apply some tactics on how to stay under radar.


The best tactic is to play some ordinary bets on major leagues in football (soccer). Also, a couple of multiples with small stakes and matches from major leagues will help a lot to convince them that you are a good customer to them - that will bring money in the long run. They just love guys playing these types of bets and will not try to stop you placing a couple of bets using your unique strategy.


Other type of bets you can make to mix up with the strategy is to bet on several different sports and different selections ? if you are knowledgeable in several sports. This will confuse bookmaker that you are a type of bettor that is only a gambler addicted to betting and that you choose random sports and matches to bet on.


Whatever you choose to mix up with your strategy will do good for the health of your account. Those bets don't have to be with high stakes, just some play to show your bookmaker that you are an ordinary bettor. We recommend that you place ordinary bets on favorites, your favorite team from major leagues and similar for a couple of weeks before you start applying your killer strategy. This way your account will already be profiled as a good one once you start with your strategy. Remember, mixing up bets with strategy IS CRUCIAL because in order to make money from some strategy, you have to be able to place bets at the first place.


What are all strategies based on?


Most betting strategies are, of course, based on finding a way to have an edge over the bookmaker. This is easy to understand. What's more important to understand is: What exactly means to have an edge over the bookmaker? It means to have a mathematical advantage over the bookmaker on all odds you play. It means to develop a system that is mathematically superior to sports model your bookmaker is using. It means that your style of play will produce profits, not instantly, but in the long run. In other words, you have to find a value.


To find a value in betting is getting more and more complex. There are 2 main reasons for that:


  1. Bookmakers give their best to have the latest and the most accurate information about the odds

  2. Bookmakers change and adopt their mathematical models whenever they find a flaw in it


Top bookmakers have teams of really good experts in mathematics and statistics that also analyze every market that starts to produce losses and adopt the system accordingly. This is the main reason why most old betting strategies don't work anymore. But, every model will always have flaws and there will always be some sort of information they have overlooked due to massive number of offered sports and events. They are aware of this and that is why bookmakers also have a department of trading and risk management which process clients that are winning. In previous part, we explained how to get past this department, but equally important is now to explain how to find these flaws or values.


In order to find value in sports betting, you have to know how the odds are compiled. We have a special articleabout it. Once you know how bookmakers compile odds, you will understand where is the value.


It doesn't matter if we are going to use strategy on live betting or pre-match, more important is to understand on which matches there is a value and on which there isn't. I am telling you this because most guys just take some strategy and apply it to random matches whether there is a value in them or there isn't - and that is why their results are not even close to what they expected. In further articles of ?Best Betting Strategy Guide? series we will explain what strategy we find to be the best in each sport (live and pre-match).


Why is the choice of bookmaker the most important thing?


Once you find your winning strategy, you must make sure that you have the account at best bookmaker that fits your strategy. Some strategies will require having an account at bookmaker with best possible odds because you get better returns by up to 5%. Some other will require a bookmaker that has a really high coverage of markets and events. In the end, you will always benefit from having an account at minimum 1 betting exchange. By having an account at betting exchange, you can easily hedge your bets, find better value maybe even better odds. All that without putting your account to risk of being exposed and limited. At the same time there are some strategies that are used for trading on betting exchange that you might use one day to make even more profit from betting.




You can use whatever strategy you want for sports betting, any betting system there is on this planet even the most advanced one. But if you don't have discipline, use your brain and invest time and care into it, you can turn it into a losing one. So, thank you for having patience reading this article from start until the end. We hope you liked it and it gave you some food for though. Take a look at our other articles about betting strategies and other non related ones.